A comparison of bill clinton and machiavellis the prince

While suffering in prison it is Machiavelli's overwhelming desire to be free. Only the Bolsheviks were saved, so that they could continue slaughtering the workers and peasants in whose name they had seized power.

Bill Clinton: War Leader or “Indolent Prince?”

Furthermore, estado is a foreign term. Hatred and contempt, says Machiavelli, are the worst things that can happen to a ruler, the former because nothing else be needed to motivate opposition, even assassination, while the latter means that few will fear to act in opposition. In his interviews on that subject, the Italian was taken by a particularly Clintonesque answer to one of his questions: Nevertheless our experience has been that those princes who have done great things have held good faith of little account, and have known how to circumvent the intellect of men by craft, and in the end have overcome those who have relied on their word.

Fate, with no poetic license, was not so kind to Caiaphas and the later leaders responsible for the survival of the Jewish nation.


But the fact that Clinton cannot lose a slander case over her attacks does not mean that anyone actually believes them. The democracies of Europe and America now pursue their project of dependent and helpless citizens with relentless attacks on the right of citizens to bear arms or defend themselves.

The media certainly shares some of the blame for five years of dreadful leadership. The Teacher Guide provides chapter by chapter worksheets with answers for all these.

As Jefferson wisely said, "they will purchase the voices of the people, and make them pay the price. Machiavelli was a year-old Florentine diplomat, and the quote was from one of his reports back to his own city-state of Florence.

How is Bill Clinton considered a Machiavellian??

Every one sees what you appear to be, few really know what you are, and those few dare not oppose themselves to the opinion of the many, who have the majesty of the state to defend them; and in the actions of all men, and especially of princes, which it is not prudent to challenge, one judges by the result.

On Happiness, Welfare and Unions Sustaining the happiness of your people may be the most powerful weapon of a prince. But if the state is not an end or a good in itself, but an instrumental good to some truly moral end, then a genuine dilemma can arise, as the service of the moral end of the state may conflict with the means that become necessary for its pursuit.

Throughout the entire passage he exists for the ruler's betterment, all the while vouching for himself as a loyal subject. The discussion in Mistress is not about sacrificing individuals against their will, but with his poetic license Heinlein has spared the Professor the travail of facing a case of that.

Machiavelli was a republican. Princes will interpret the work in alignment to their needs. Machiavelli has won his second chance at life. The moral basis of the government of the United States is set out in the Declaration of Independence, where Thomas Jefferson affirms the existence of natural, individual rights and then says, "That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed Only the Bolsheviks were saved, so that they could continue slaughtering the workers and peasants in whose name they had seized power.

Machiavelli’s President

Has it taken you all these years to decide that I am a hypocrite?> Bill Clinton: War Leader or “Indolent Prince?” Bill Clinton: War Leader or “Indolent Prince?” Bill Clinton resembles these “indolent princes” far more than the great democratic war leaders of the past.

This does not bode well for the security and interests of the American Republic.

He's Machiavellian, and that's a compliment

Aug 27,  · What has Bill Clinton done in his political career that shows he's a Machiavellian? Can you think of any other political leaders that could be considered Machiavellians?

A machiavellian is someone who deceives and manipulates people for ones own benefit. They might not actually have all the great qualities there are to be a great leader, but they can show them to the indianmotorcycleofmelbournefl.com: Resolved. Hillary Clinton Is America’s Machiavelli Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks during a campaign even at Truckee Meadows Community College in Reno, Nev.

For instance, in Killing Jesus, by Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard [Henry Hold and Company, ], we find the statement, "it is Caiaphas who oversees the day-to-day running of Jerusalem, disguising his own cruel agenda in religiosity and piety" [p].

The prince’s task was to create a strong state, not necessarily a “good” one. Speaking from the Oval Office, Nov. 10, President Obama said he was "very encouraged" following a meeting with.

Machiavelli Prince

Justin Vatter Poli Sci Mr. Leder December 3, Machiavelli and the President Lately, the president of the United States Bill Clinton, has pursued some policies that have been very unpopular not only with the general public but the electorate as well.

A comparison of bill clinton and machiavellis the prince
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